Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Using Stampin' Up's Wide Ribbon for Home Decorating

I need your Help!  The Grandkids always knock these curtains down going in and out the French Doors to the deck.  I decided to use Stampin' Up's Wide Ribbon to solve the problem.  Since my walls are RED, yes they are Red I am using the Cherry Cobbler wide ribbon to accent my sheers.  What do you think, (1) tie them in the back and have a straight ribbon for the front OR tie them in the front and let the tails hang down??  Email me: and let me know which you like.

Another idea for the wide ribbon is to use them behind picture frames and give a nice professional look to your hanging pictures.


  1. Tie in front, love this it looks really nice.
    angel hugs

  2. I love the tails hanging down in the front! Very pretty!!

  3. I'm another for the tails in front!! Very cute. Claudette

  4. I like it with tails in front...but my first thought was something for the kids to pull on, but then I thought, well if they do, you can always turn them while they are there and then back when they leave.

    Cindy Ferenz
    Proud Parent of 2 Soldiers