Friday, March 8, 2013


Photopolymer by Stampin' Up!

Introducing Photopolymer by Stampin' Up! 
  Introducing the Designer Typeset Stamp Set. It’s based around a really great san serif font that will work well on just about any project. And then there are embellishments and shapes to take whatever you want to say to the next level. The possibilities are seriously endless.


  The benefits of photopolymer stamps.
First, they’re completely clear, making it oh-so-easy to stamp exactly where you want. They come unmounted, on an acetate sheet, and temporarily adhere to our clear blocks. Awesome!
Second, they are pliable. Want your arrow to shoot a certain way? No problem! Want your banner to have the perfect sag? Easy peasy! Being able to play with the shape gives you even more creative freedom.

  The Designer Typeset Stamp Set is in the online store starting now. Item number 132956.  I will be happy to order for you.
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