Friday, March 7, 2014

Our New Little Guy

Today I would like to introduce you to our new little guy, Sir Winston of Hawthorne Manor.  LOL
He is a red Boston Terrier and 5 lbs at 11 weeks.  We lost our dear Boston Terrier, Luke in January 3 and decided that we wanted to get another not to replace Luke but a new puppy to make new memories with.  We have a little black and white Boston named Diva and I must say she is not thrilled about the new baby brother at all.  But then I can understand her feelings since he runs after her and nips at her all the time. 

After having three traditional black and white Bostons, Winston's colors seem strange.  He is adorable and active.  Allot of work for sure but also so much fun.  He makes us laugh all the time with his little actions.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the latest member of our family.  I will be scrapbooking his and Diva's adventures for sure in the upcoming months.

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