Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Our baby girl had growth on her crippled leg which turned out to be cancer.  Dr. Morris took it off this week but YaYa had to have a cast to protect her foot while it heals.  Her brother, Luke, cried like a baby when I took her to the Vet's Office.  She is doing great now.  She can run right along side of Luke.  She just pushes off with the yellow case.......should I say Daffodil Delight cast.  LOL  Always thinking Stampin' Up!!

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  1. I am new to your site and I saw the article about YaYa, I am so happy that she is doing fine now, it makes me so happy when I read thing like this, some people think your crazy to spend money on an animal, well to me my dogs are my family and they are your only true friends,if we don't take care of our animals no one else will...didn't mean to get on my soap box, but it just hurts me so to see abused, neglected animals. God Bless You,
    Deanna Dunn