Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Never too Late for Family Pictures

 Today I am sharing a Birthday Party.  On December 29 our youngest grandson, Joshua Xavier had his third birthday.  We were so blessed to have not only my daughter and her family (above) but also Mike's oldest Son and his family here from China where they are on a two year assignment with Ford Motor Company all here for the celebration.  You may notice the cake says Xerrr.  I did that because we all call our grandson "X" but if you ask him his name he says "Xerrrrrr"  I wanted to be sure and document that since it is so cute.  His brother Sam is almost ten so of course we get all kinds of funny faces from him in pictures now.  LOL

 As I said this is Mike's Son, Jason and family Erin, Camden, and Cooper.  The boys are play so well together.  Loved having them. 

And here is the Birthday Boy, or Pirate "X".  He is at such a cute age right now.  Everything he does at Mal Mal's house is so cute.  lol

Thank you all for looking in on my family.

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